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My viewpoint. I'm hopelessly devoted to Shaker design and have been since the 1986 Shaker exhibit at the Whitney Museum in New York. I was already a Shaker enthusiast but was stunned to see so many perfect examples all in one place. I still marvel that a design ethos can be so simple, yet, to me anyway, ethereal.

It also helps that the houses we've owned were built in 1794, 1756 and 1720. Factory furniture just doesn't work, and great antiques are usually too expensive, so building furniture to fit has become a life's mission. Besides, I'd rather create something than go shopping.    
Canterbury Shaker village
My background. I've been making furniture for 40 years - Shaker for the last 25 - and I've learned by going to the source. I hand-cut my first dovetails and made my first oval box at Canterbury Shaker Village in New Hampshire. I have visited South Union and Pleasant Hill in Kentucky, the Harvard settlement and Hancock Village in Massachussets, the New Lebanon site and the Shaker Museum in upstate New York.
In terms of accomplishment, I was the judges' unanimous choice as winner of Fine Woodworking magazine's 2009 gallery Shaker competition.
I've learned a lot at Canterbury Shaker Village.
Shaker drawer dovetails  

Like the Shakers (who invented the circular saw) my shop has some big machines. But I use hand methods whenever possible, cutting all dovetails and planing most surfaces by hand. Finishes are hand-rubbed or milk-painted.

I'm not deliberately old-fashioned, but I will always devote the time it takes to do the very best I can.  

My workshop. It's not always this tidy.

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