Shaker dressers
    Cherry dresser, built to fit a space. Each pair of drawer fronts from same piece of wood, to run grain patterns across the full width. Drawer depths are graduated by percentage. Drawer bottoms of aromatic cedar. Click for more.    
Ten-drawer cherry dresser, lightly dyed
Shaker dressers
Tiger maple dresser, also built to fit a space, employs handcut dovetails to join footing pieces plus top and sides. Knobs are antiqued brass. Click for more.
Tiger maple, dyed golden amber

Poplar dresser with milk-painted frame and dyed drawer fronts. Same design could also have drawer fronts of natural cherry or figured maple, either dyed or natural.

  Milk painted poplar with tiger maple top, a version of a famous piece in the Shaker Museum, resized for a city apartment. Click for bigger.  
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