Sometimes you get lucky. You find a piece of furniture that's so right, it feels born for the space it occupies. Then again, it can take years for this luck to arrive.
At Shaker to Fit, we'll help you shorten the wait. Custom-fitted furniture gives the rooms a natural, organic feel that store bought pieces can't match. Yes, handcrafted furniture can be very expensive, and ours isn't cheap. But we do our best to keep things reasonable.
Most of our work can be sized to match piece to place. And because it's Shaker - without carvings, inlays, exotic woods, etc. - you can enjoy custom design without having to give up this year's vacation.
Here a tight spot called for a vertical dresser.

In ordering furniture to fit, along with the piece itself, you need to consider how it relates with its surroundings. This guides decisions about mass, shape and wood choice. Finish matters, too. A large piece can feel massive in a dark color, less so in a lighter color. Paint creates an informal, country feel. Stain and varnish add sophistication.

Utility factors in as well, with storage capacity and surface area prime considerations. So are cornice and footing styles. When you order from us, we'll try to help you make well-informed decisions.
If you find something you like here, great. But maybe there's another Shaker piece you're fond of. Photos of your space help as well, so send images.

Another tight space but a comfortable fit.

We'll send plans of what we recommend, often with options. When you approve, we proceed.
  Made-to-fit doesn't have to mean big. Finding the right small piece can be tricky, too. This little chest was good for a space that needed something small but substantial. Got a narrow space between beds? We can make you a table that will fit right in.    

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